Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Sky....

Sorry no Sky pic.
was to lazy to go outside
in 39 F, clear blue skies.
Beautiful day.
(it was very slippery out though)

Finished Project of the week:
a double moss stitch
Afghan square.
it is 12"
knitted w/US 10
and Paton's Decor yarn.
(like how the Decor felt- nice and soft).

Today started knitting on DM's sock's again.
Hope to finish them up this month.

Really need to work on DH's Birthday present.
His birthday is Monday. Yikes!

We have had some really wild weather.
Last week it went up to 45 F.
there is ice everywhere!
I almost took out the yellow metal gate post at
work w/my van.

My secret sister Reveal was supposed to be Friday night.
it got canceled due to bad roads.
(have you ever heard of Cab drivers
refusing to drive because the roads are to bad?
Well here they did, but school still went on.)

well that's about it,
Hugo is learning to "Stay".

Dinner: fave this year seems to be Frito Pie. Fritos, covered w/chili, topped w/cheese and sour cream. Almost as good as apples and sweet sour red cabbage topped w/brawts.

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Lynn said...

Ok you've got some wacky weather going on as well. Today we are probably going to hit 70, but tomorrow night we are expecting freeze warnings way past our county. As long as it doesnt stay cold for too long, the oranges will do fine.