Monday, January 12, 2009

Random Monday

Well not much going on here. Except we did get to go outside for almost 30 min tonight. Finally got Bumpkins to sleep before 10:30 also. DH was fired from his job, so cleaning house is more doable. Before someone was always sleeping, so doing chores and getting Bumpkins to bed at a decent time was not happening. Hopefully something will come forward soon. DH did contact the Army recruiter and the recruiter response as to why he hasn't gotten back was "the internet system was down and everyone was out on leave for Christmas".

Knitting; today's knitting was working a BOM square. 12" square of double moss stitch. Am using US 10 needles and Paton's Decor yarn. I really like how the decor feels in my hands, soft. It is a wool/acrylic blend.

Did errands today and went grocery shopping. Bumpkins asked if we were going shopping and I replied that we already did. She said "3 Bears not shopping, no cookie!"

Dinner was a 10 USD pizza. Very large.

Random website: For those of you not in Alaska, check out this wonderful site.... Bookcrossing it is everywhere! (but Alaska). Very similar to geo-caching but w/o a gps and you get books in return. Kazul there are lots of drops in the area in which you now live.

ETA: and if you thought we were cold the last few weeks, people up in Fairbanks had -40 and there were others who had -52. With wind chill -60. Now that is COLD!

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Lynn said...

You were outside for a FULL 30 min?!?! WOW you guys are wild!!! LOL You are having a heat wave according to your weather pixie, 28 degrees??!!