Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Strange Stuff Tuesday and Blogiversary

(above a self portrait)

realized last night that today
was my 2 year blogiversary.
And for some unknown reason
I really don't feel like celebrating.

But a big thank you
to all who have read this
and commented.

And for some of you...
this will seem wrong.
mulled beer
and interesting read
the history of
mulled beer

please let me know if you
decide to try this one.
will be very interested in the

And there I bid you
all good night.

And if the above isn't strange enough
tonight there was freezing rain and temps of 31 F.
Last week at this time it was -30 F.
Very extreme weather we are having.

Have started another set of swim lessons out at the pool. tomorrow there will be 4 sets for me to teach. And on Thursday 4 sets of lessons then water aerobics.


the boogeyman's wife said...

hey, congrats on the blogiversary! the weather has been awful crazy, today we've got +20 and sunday it was still -40. up 60 degrees in 2 days. it's ridiculous how warm -10 felt on monday. glad you've got warmer weather too.

Lynn said...

Happy blogiversary!!!