Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Quotes

Saturday Sky
(no Mt. Redoubt pic as the clouds rolled in)

"I'm smiling because your my sister,
and laughing because there is nothing
you can do about it."
author unknown

Happy birthday Kazul!

Knitting: During the Super Bowl I cast on and knitted a pygmy puff. Now to sew it together and stuff it. Used up some of my yellow fun fur. It is on the small side..... you'll see soon.

Sewing: tomorrow must cut out and sew some dog booties together.

Not much else is going on, except the whole house now has my cold. Hopefully DH and Thing 2 don't get this bad. I doubt they will as Thing 2 has been taking vitamin C's and fish oil 2X a day. And DH hasn't been stressing his body out.

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Kazul said...

Thanks for the birthday Kudos sis...and I do appreciate it. Jon's project got full points, so that was a day well spent..I suppose!