Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Quotes

"Look! an airplane cloud"

"I want to lay big and make pictures"

in colder temps the airplanes leave
a vapor trail behind-
Today's was really long!

Bumpkins wants me to hold her
until she falls asleep.
Dreams are making pictures.

No new pictures. Kind of depressed- lost all of my pictures when the hard drive crashed. So what ever isn't uploaded to flikr or Picassa are gone.

The tree is up and an angel put on. (learned the hard way to not stand on the arm of the chair to put something on the top of the tree). yep= the chair started to flip over into the tree. Still need to put up stockings, and other decorations. Minimal as Bumpkins and Hugo wont' leave anything alone.

Knitting: these blasted socks are really doing me in. If ever you feel challenged to do two at a time socks. First master short row heels and use stitch markers to mark what is done. Still have 2 more ends to tie in for Bumpkins scarf and still need to block it.

quilting: have ripped out the quilting so many times on DH's guitar quilt.

Thank you for all the well wishes, i am feeling better. Still get tired very easily, but no longer am coughing super hard.

Temps have dropped back down to the single digits.


Lynn said...

I knew what the airplane clouds were! And I'm sorry abt the pictures. That happened to me once and I was NOT a happy camper!

KaKi said...

Oh! I am so sorry about your photos!!! I had that happen to me. I lost a whole years' worth. Now I am a backup queen!!! Plus I upload everything to Snapfish!! I love Bumpkins comments. I wish I had written down some of my kids'! Such sweet days!!! I have missed you! KaKi