Monday, December 8, 2008

catch up!

Weekly Hugo and Bumpkins shot...

mini scarf w/button
specifics: Cast on Wednesday Dec 3
finished Thursday Dec. 4 2008
Used US 15 Needles for garter stitch rows
US 13 for the Moss stitch.
Knitted using 13 stitches.
aprox. 24 inches long.
.5 skein of chenille gone.
Used pin for closure instead of button.

Gave away for gift exchange.

this is secret sister's scarf...
basketweave pattern
almost out of 1 skein of wool ease.
US 10 needles.
40+ inches long already.

Knitting: started teaching a knitting class. So now my Saturday's will be filled with teaching. pretty good money for now.

Sewing: attempted to quilt DH's guitar quilt, but the backing puckered and now I have to rip out some seams. AAARRRGGG!

DH has been working very long hours- w/o a day off. And now has come up with a new harebrained idea. (his words not mine). Will post more when it comes to pass. Life could get really exciting around here soon.

No new decorating for Christmas- but have lots to do tomorrow as next weekend we celebrate Christmas with Thing 2. He leaves the 20th. Did check out some books on menu ideas... not sure what we will eat though. Probably something different and hopefully easy/delish.
Any ideas anybody? we got both brunch and Christmas Eve dinner.

well that's all folks! thanks for reading. have an awesome week.

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Lynn said...

Men like to keep things interesting, dont they?