Thursday, December 18, 2008

Catch up (again).

no new pictures, the laptop is dead (hopefully will be working again tomorrow). The dell is available except today, have to use The Apple tonight.

Knitting: have almost finished Bumpkins scarf, putting a garter stitch border around the whole thing, as the stockingnette is curling really badly. also have 2 more rows of striping to go on DM's socks before turning the heel.

been working a lot of hours at work as has DH. We celebrated Christmas last night w/Thing 2 as he leaves Saturday.

went to the Dr. today and i have Bronchitis. so not much happening.

gotta run, time is up on how long Bumpkins and Hugo can sit still in a confined area.


Kazul said...

hope you feel better, jake..
(my word is 'scowing'....)

Lynn said...

hope you feel better soon. I can't imagine having to deal with bronchitis when its many degrees below freezing!!