Sunday, December 28, 2008


So boring with out pictures...
so no sky
still trying to update
computer to even
recognize/ accept
the picture card.

Knitting: am still working on the socks- have only about 5 more inches to go before decreasing for the toes.

DH got me a knifty knitter loom for Christmas. Upon opening it, I was thrilled... (about as much as if he had gotten me a roll of toilet paper. If it had been underwear I would've been super happy, shoelaces hey that is way cool too). So I have spent much time surfing around looking for what to do with this thing. Discovered that leggings for Bumpkins will be super fast on this. And attempted to make a hat, didn't like how it was going so kept going until ran out of yarn. Anybody want a small cowl/neckwarmer? I say small because it barely goes over my head! somehow the bind off is super tight, as in absolutely no give at all.

Princess was home for a few days and that so enjoyable, as I had taken off of work for most of the week too.

Made Meat pie very good!
Christmas Eve dinner:
Cranberry Pork roast in the crockpot- delish! Spinach Salad, and oven roasted veggies. Parsnips, rhutabage, turnip, carrots, yam, sweet tater and the beets were cooked seperately. Now to use the leftovers in Sheperd's Pie.

Christmas Day:
was a grab as you are hungry type thing.
Gingerbread waffles
poached pears
pineapple chunks
orange slices
Hot spiced cranberry apple cider

Then later was cheese ball, crackers and veggie tray.

Meat Pie.... ground pork, ground beef and mashed taters in a pie shell. YUMM!

there was a lot of snow so DH had to snow blow after gettting off of work and opening presents. DM came over with Obi and left with Princess before it really got dark out.

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