Friday, April 6, 2007

April showers

I finished this hat March 25. Fast knit- I did it in about a week. With work. This week I have been knitting on my mom's sock and last week I got several more rows done on the peach prayer shawl.

This hat is a north country hat knit w/10.5 cn and chunky yarn. I don't really like the camo colors, but it does fit me and will work when I go skiing or biking. I submitted this hat as a Ron Weasley hat for the Harry Potter knit-along. Ron wears this style of hat in Prisoner of Azkaban movie. Now to get started on the next item. This hat takes care of many things- a hat for me, HP knit along and if I had joined the green hat along. But the sad thing is I now have a smallish ball of yarn for stash. Just when I am trying to get rid of stash yarn. I am very glad that I have forgotten my ebay login name and password. There is so much cheap yarn and needles there. Yikes.

Ok Now on to what have I been doing for the last few weeks. Obviously not checking my emails, am very afraid of what I will find in yahoo. I was sick w/the flu earlier this week and last week. Bumpkins had it and now DH has it. I am working very long hours, my 20 hr. job is bringing in almost 600 dollars every 2 weeks. So that means 28 hour weeks- next week will be over 30. That is working only 4 days also. Tuesday will be over 10, half of that time will be spent teaching lessons and water aerobics. (and the cow god wonders why I am not hyper.)

Easter is Sunday, I have my eggs boiled and dinner planned. Flylady would be proud. Tomorrow I will do a HB and go to knitting. Laundry is calling to me as well- but I can throw in a load tonight and dry it tomorrow. It feels good to just sit w/my feet up. So very relaxing.

Spring is well on its way- nice cloudy days, today was windy. The birds are mating and temps in the 40's.

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