Thursday, April 19, 2007

No knitting done today

Knitting is going well. Have cast one and knitted aprox. 10 rows for hufflepuff houseslippers, they will be warm and cozy. I really like the pattern. Am contemplating joining another knit along, just for me, the theme is shawls. I really would like to make the What's it, for 2 reasons one I like the pattern, and 2 it would be nice to wear to the Harry Potter book release. I found a cute tam pattern to go w/it.

On the home front. DH had an interview today, it went quite well. Prayers for this to be the right job for him. Thing one and Thing two are hanging out at home. I did an oops today, misread the work schedule and left an hour early. That wouldn't happen if my schedule didn't change every bloody day. At least I made in to work on time- scheduled for an hour earlier than usual. Swam 10 laps today- sad thing is they don't count toward my 1/2 mile that I need to swim for work. And it was work related- had 5 swim lesson kids swim the length today. Yeah!!!! That doesn't usually happen w/beginner swimmers. Then went down the slide several times and stairs to go up- oh my gosh. Hmmm.... the walk, swim, bike count down would be a good one for me. This am I weighed 112 lbs. on our scale- so that means about 115 lbs. I have to stop losing weight- I want to gain muscle. Maybe I am gaining muscle as Nigel had to do a rescue on me in the deep end of the pool yesterday. I was reaching up to undo a life jacket, and was sinking. Next thing I know I was being helped up to surface of the water. Strange.

Snow is almost all gone, as are the mud puddles. Bugger it my seeds aren't' started yet. Maybe tomorrow night. No school tomorrow.
Well off to bed.

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