Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Sky....

Saturday evening sky.
taken at 7 pm.
(here is take 2 of Saturday pictures.
somehow my card needed to be reformatted.
lost everything.
but almost everything was uploaded already.)

The view of our drive

Well guess we finally have
a water dog.

this year we needed to put
up sawhorses to prevent people
from going into the lake
beside the house.
(it was deep slush)

Hugo wading in the "lake"
over by the apple tree.

this week has been extremely busy for us. DH's car has a cracked head, and i am working a lot of hours.

Knitting: redoing January's BOM. had it 1/2 done and realized that it was to big. Also have discovered a cool website with Pern shawl patterns. Princess said she didn't want one. Kazul... do you want a Pern inspired shawl? choices are Ruatha, Benden Weyr, Healer, Harperhold, Bubbly pi, shipfish, 1/2 circle, to name just a few.

the weather finally has turned warm. around 48 F most days this week. Today started out with snow but later we had rain.

have discovered that we wont be doing a pig this year. As the shoats are ready to go home and we are nowhere near being set up yet. Also pigs come in 2 and they are running 125 USD ea.
So chicken tractors are our best bet. have plans for 2. Princess has suggested goats, we do have the acreage but i don't have the time come winter. Also i will want fiber goats, rabbits wont' be to bad either. But they have a downside also, need to buy a bred doe and then raise the meat from there. really want to do free range animals.

no new interesting recipes.
Mt Redoubt is building another dome.


Lynn said...

Hey 48 is actually quite warm for you guys!!! And it looks quite slushy......

Kazul said...

well, we might be warmer by almost 30 degrees, but you don't have all these gosh darn wasps!