Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Sky....

Saturday Sky.
Mt. Redoubt puffing away.
(love the digital camera- took loads of
pictures but am only using one).

Knitting: this is a bunny rabbit.
some folks say it still needs a tail and face...
what do you think?

Knitting: still am knitting on DM's socks. But have
cast on something entirely for me!
a shawl. Already have 2 repeats of 10 done.
hopefully by the end of the weekend it will be done.

working lots of hours.
and we got more snow on Thursday night.
(several more inches).

Trying to come up with another contest.
anyone up for another contest?


Jane said...

Great Photo! I think your bunny is fine the way he is!

the boogeyman's wife said...

i didn't realize you were close enough to redoubt to take pictures. hope you haven't been getting too much ash!

Lynn said...

OOOH that picture is COOL!!! Probably not that great for you, makes me gasp a bit to think abt it, but it LOOKS cool!

And I'm always up for a contest!

Kazul said...

I am jealous! I miss volcanos..I miss mountains that are volcanos when they are not 'restless'. Your pink bunny is very cute..faceless, but very cute.