Saturday, November 14, 2009

serious update was neeeded!

well this is a much needed update.
what almost killed this blog
was the stupid farming games
over on Facebook.
they are major addicting.

so the animals.....
are all quite well
lets see what i've got...

Celia laid the blue one (this is one of her first eggs)
Houdini laid the big white one
and unknown who lays what.

sadly no pics of Little Britches are on the comp.
he got mean and became roast chicken.
leaving Buffy the only rooster.

this is BAR the night before he met
with the knife.

we now only have 10 chickens
2 geese and 4 rabbits.
We got snow on November 9 2009
up until then it was nice, frosty.
The horses are gone as well.
Patches could be found over on Craigslist.

The geese are having a bit of trouble
last night it was -7 F.
There is very little info out
on the internet about
raising African Geese through
a winter.

And finally Tot all dressed up for
Halloween trick or treating.
(it was on the chilly side).

thank you all for sticking with me.

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Kazul said...

do you wash the eggs? ewww!