Friday, November 20, 2009

RAKed with a JSW

(Random Act of Kindness)

sometime ago Femke a friend over in Ravelry
in the group Monthly Adventures
told me to
watch my mailbox...
cause she was sending

(from the Netherlands!)

opening box....

wow this is wrapped up really well....

now to log onto flikr to see how
she took it apart.....

after minimal assembly.....

the JSW
(janet's Spinning Wheel)

single treadle very nice.....

oh you need roving to spin with?

lookie what she sent!

the far yellow is yarn labeled Sunflower
the white is Swiffer Sheep (that she washed and drum carded)
Grey Sheep (washed once and drum carded)
Alpaca washed drum carded
Alpaca white hand carded
Alpaca dirty not washed nor carded.

So i sat down to practice treadling....
Tot is fascinated...
(until she decides that the wheel needs to be milked)

this is what i produced...

so i tried more....

have a lot of practice ahead of me
before there is enough to make a
wedding ring shawl.
But my hands are super soft
and smell lovely.
(yes i like the smell of lanolin!)

thank you Femke!
you are the bestest!


GrF said...

So happy to see JSW arrived in good health and shape! Enjoy the spinning time, just play along and the both of you will start to create yarn prettier and more unique than you even imagined!!!

love, F

Carola said...

This is so lovely, Janet. It brings a tear to my eye to see how awesome this group is. Absolutely fantastic.

Femke, you rock!!

Lynn said...

Milking the wheel huh?? Too funny!!! And you DO have lots of roving to practice with!