Saturday, September 5, 2009

busy weekend

Princess rides Mac very well.
Friday afternoon

Princess night feeding one of the baby bunnies.
one of the bunnies died during the night.
it had a broken leg, that punctured the hide.

Princess and i making sourdough bread.
Princess and DH riding horses
Saturday morning.
(yep key to bringing kids home is get a horse).

and if you get queasy don't look at this last pic.
it is kind of nasty looking.
but looks way better than it did 2 days ago.

and now we are off to a football game.
it is only 1 pm.


Lynn said...

Hugos's nose isn't so bad. I'd rather see that than the chicken that ended up being dinner. Great horses!

Dandy said...

I'd love to go horse back riding agian... it's been way too long!!