Friday, September 4, 2009

All this was in 24 hours

Hugo brought this little guy home.
Just as we were supposed to be leaving for the
(sorry no graphic images of Hugo's
nasty looking snout).
Vet said staph infection due to bug bites.

We went horseback riding.
Tot loved it!

(about the only time i got to sit down all day-
and today i am absolutely sore).

This afternoon this is what the
bunnies looked like.
(yes the one multiplied into 3)
we are feeding them cat replacement milk.

I fed the first one every 2 hours last night (cows milk).
So this morn, i went out to feed Hugo.
As i reached for his dish- i noticed a fuzzy creature
lying on the concrete.
my thoughts: huh? but how? you are in your box.
uh oh.. there are 2 now!

So i took them to work to feed them while on break.
DH called me.... and said Hugo just brought another one home.

Here we have
On a wing and a prayer.
(yeah i know that is only 2 names and there are
3 bunnies).
i am tired.

Princess is home for the night.
and we went riding today also.
(ok i lead the horse w/a lead line
while Princess and Tot rode).
Remember i am still sore from riding yesterday.

1 comment:

Kazul said...

no, they are all named..Ona died, Anda is still there with wing and prayer.