Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday update

Today has been a busy day.....

First the geese are getting bigger.
such noisy creatures.

Sunday sky,
it never did rain though.
cleared up and got into the 60's.
We have Patches and Mac
living in our backyard.
(leasing the back pasture)
but in the meantime we get to enjoy them.
Hugo is going bonkers.
DH and Thing 2 moving the Chicken coop.
wait it is going to fall!

ok this is so much better.
(there is a dolly under the wooden box)

Sadly tonights chicken dinner contained these.
These are eggs.
i killed the wrong bird.
all day i was watching to see which one
was crowing.
but still managed to grab the wrong one.
This was one of my 6 roosters i bought last spring.

Well that is it for today.
think i will take things slow for tomorrow.


Kazul said...

how come it is so hard to tell the diff between a rooster and a hen?

Mrs. M said...

Okay, I know this is probably do the chickens and roosters fare during the winter? It seems they would freeze! I know....I know...I am a southerner!!!!

And what do you mean those are eggs???OH! you killed a hen instead of a rooster!!! OMG!!