Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekly update

Our Saturday sky
picture taken at 4:20 pm.
(the last eruption was at 3:30)
didn't get any actual footage of the eruption.

And then Sunday evening
we were back to this......

coke a cola cake anyone?
recipe from recipzaar.
did cut the ingredient in 1/2.
(very rich)

haven't had Athena pic's lately...
(bumpkins decided Athena needed a tent).
Attack of the spiders....
"have i eaten one to many?"
oh, thought i was dreaming.....

Knitting: not going to get DM's socks completed on time. but did figure out a way for them to fit wider feet.

Redoubt has been very active. check out the AVO link, there are some incredible pictures.

Now i understand about everyone who has trouble blogging due to having to share a computer with the fam. I have my own but we are no longer networked, so I have to wait my turn for the internet. And blogging takes some thought and cannot be rushed.

This last Thursday I broke out in hives. Only thing I have done different was to wash Hugo. After much discussion in finding out what is causing the hives, DH thinks it is because of the volcano. Reasons: 1) the only known medication I am allergic to is Septra- it is a sulfuric compound. that gives me hives. 2) there is a lot of sulfur in the air right now.
any thoughts on this one?

Bumpkins and Hugo both had a busy day today. Hugo pulled the large tub of margarine off of the table. Bumpkins picked it up, the only thing destroyed was the lid. Thankfully he didn't get into the margarine. After he was in time out for that one, I let him outside. Where he promptly jumped up on some guitar students. He then had to go on the dog run. very subdued pup after a bit. Bumpkins meanwhile decided to turn her hair gray w/baby powder. While she was doing this I was doing some deep cleaning vacuuming (the inside of the dryer, under the furnace, top of the hot water heater, sucked up specimens of bugs that i didn't identify, more cobwebs than you can imagine, and enough cat hair to transplant on another whole cat)

Well that is life in a nutshell.

Weather: sunny and temps 26F. (the sun now has warmth to it.)


Kazul said...

Not fair that you can have all the fun!!! Have not vac yet...too scary. LOL.

hmmm, word is tones.

Lynn said...

I agree abt the sharing of the computer, it stinks!! Blogs can't be rushed and it takes that much longer when you are interupted.

I agree with the sulfer thoughts abt why you were covered in hives. Are they gone yet?