Saturday, March 21, 2009


not really Saturday sky...
but this is a Pizza Delivery car
we spotted last Saturday while in Homer.

(notice the minimal ground clearance?)

baby beanie
Made for :
Janet along over in Ravelry
Harry Potter House Cup
and possibly Charity Knitting for Destiny Podcast.
Needles: US 2 and US 4
Yarn: Bernat Softee
Size: possibly 3 mos.
Cast on Sunday March 15 and wove in ends March 21.

Baby Bootie:
finished back in January.

an example of optical knitting.
do you see a paw print?
this is for the
Harry Potter House Cup
Care of Magical Creatures- March.
knitted using US 8
yarn: Sugar and Cream cotton
very fast.
only took 2 nights.

My socks that I knitted 2 at a time.
(notice the size difference?)
will be making another pair.
Needles: US 5
Yarn: Woo Ease
finished finally back in Feb?

Knitting: have been knitting lots lately. finished a sock for DM, now to cast on another and finish before March 26th.
And now my total of finished items for this year is: 10. not to bad as we are in week 11 of the 2009. (for one of my finished items please check out Ravelry- it is an Easter Present).

Spring Break is finally over and it was crazy out at the pool. Wednesday i fell in while attempting a rescue (the person who i landed by thought i jumped though).

update on why i haven't been blogging, what with the hard drive crashing, then about the time i thought about blogging more the 1 G memory card for the camera went missing. we found it today, Bumpkins had stuffed it into the card slot sideways.

Mt. Redoubt has been steaming alot- will try to take camera tomorrow with us in the car for pictures. Last Sunday there was a minor eruption. but nothing since.

Dinner: made an inexpensive dinner with stir fry veggies and 1 round steak. fed us and was under $7.00 (that includes rice, veggies, soy sauce and steak).

we still are having negative temps in the am and the batteries in my remote start key fob are dead.


Jane said...

Glad you are back on line! I hope that was an indoor heated pool you fell into!

Kazul said...

hmmmm, maybe it is a thin crust pizza car?

OOOO, I have jases!