Thursday, March 12, 2009

i'm back... i hope!

Athena meets a pygmy Puff......oh this is nice a critter just for me....

What's this.... doing up here?
it must have moved......

it's mine!

Details: Cast on with size US 2 DPN's on Feb 1
Yarn: yellow Fun Fur
Event: Harry Potter House Cup
Care of Magical Creatures
forget what pattern:
knitted it up during the superbowl
but stuffed and sewed together on Feb 27.
Athena loves it!

well i think i am back....
we might be going to
cell phone technology for internet.
downside is that it keeps disconnecting.
not sure if it is faster or not.
(ok it isn't faster than satellite
still took forever to upload my pictures).

i have been knitting until the last couple of days.
but lately i have been working some very long hours.
today was a webcast at work for Red Cross recert.

High School Soccer and High School Track and field have
started. But all the fields and tracks are covered snow.
next week is Spring Break.

Todays weather: snowy and very slick roads.

Dinner: corned beef with cabbage, steamed potatoes and carrots. Family says that cooking the carrots and potatoes gives a better flavor than steaming. (the fatty, salty juice makes the veggies better). also the Fred Meyer brand corned beef is drier and less fatty than the IGA brand.

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