Monday, January 2, 2012

a new beginning

May the lessons learned in 2011,
not be repeated in 2012.

Well Facebook successfully almost killed this blog. During 2011, i realized that i was posting so much over there that the info was getting lost. I really need to keep better records of what and when i am doing things. So i will at least attempt to post weekly in here.

A new year, and the temps are quite chilly. -22 F to be exact.
Already things learned:
  • make sure board closing chicken coop is firmly in place or the door will open up. not good considering it was the coldest night of the whole winter.
  • put sawdust down before it gets really cold, the ducks will freeze to the ice and pull out their feathers on their bellies.
  • butcher when temps are warm. still have 3 to many geese and 2 to many roosters.
only getting 1 egg a day so far.

in cleaning:
  • Day 1- purged old sheets (4). looks good in the closet.
  • Day 2- tossed out old spices/seasonings/herbs, outdated canned goods, and cake mixes. Also tossed out old phone books, and assorted papers that tot has brought home from school.

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