Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday yard

Tuesday morning's front yard.
Thursday there was a nasty blizzard that
dumped at least 6' in places.
Then it rained......My currant dyed yarn that
was overdyed w/Strawberry Kool Aid.
Patons Merino

Today was knitting at Mugz,
PurpleMoose brought out this sock.
This is destined to be in the
Guinness book of World Records.
Yep! I knitted on it and so I am going to be Famous!!!!
Also refreshed 2 knitters on how to knit and
taught one person how to knit.
Check out Big Sock Blog.

Knitting: have several items on the needles now. Basket weave scarf for my Secret Sister at Church- Making that for Charms. A lion Brand mitten pattern using Homespun and US 7 needles, don't really like that one. A scarf to accessorize with Bumpkin's Star hat. Also am crocheting a Lei necklace for Bumpkin's Christmas Dress up box.

The weather here has been icky. The snow is all melted... but just before writing this I glanced at the forecast. Calling for up to 4 inches of snow.

Thing 2 had his first wrestling meet today in Homer. He did ok.

We are training Hugo to close the door behind him when he comes back inside.

DH had another job interview, this time w/the local radio station. Will wait to see what transpires there.

Better post before I lose connection- it is pouring down rain outside.


Jane said...

OMG Snow!

Lynn said...

Let's hope he gets the radio job! And snow?!?! WAY too early for snow.