Sunday, October 5, 2008

Saturday Sky and Sunday Quote

"Autumn is a season followed immediately by looking forward to Spring."
- Anonymous

Saturday Sky....

(if you click on it you may see snow on the Mountains).


Currant dye bath
using this link
Used salt as a fixative

Final product....
to light so I overdyed w/strawberry Kool Aid.
and it felted.

Knitting: have been doing Lots! As I am in a Ravelry Harry Potter House Cup. And am enrolled in 3 classes each month. This month is Herbology (hence the dyeing). Charms - knitting a scarf for someone. History of Magic- a brief quiz that is online. And am not sure if I am going to do Astronomy again or if I will try Potions. So folks Christmas gifts may be odd.......
Also frogged DM's sock it wasn't working out.

Quilting: am working on the Round Robin Quilt. It is very challenging. Need to get sewing on other projects though.

Have been pretty busy w/work. Hugo seems to be settling down- though today he ate DH's earbud piece while DH was working on a Resume'. It snowed here on Friday (just enough to make everyone groan). Have been picking berries, have a bucket that needs to be tended to tonight. Still need to get the last bit of rhubarb and lingonberries in. Decided to make a rhubarb and lingonberry sauce for Christmas dinner. Also the best way to pick currants is to take scissors and clip the chains into a bucket. Super easy! Just make sure the bucket is centered under the chain.

Thing 2 is finished w/Football. Last game was played on a field that was covered in ice (recently plowed) they lost 40- 14. So now it is wrestling season, great here comes the anorexia/starvation. He hopes to only have to lose 10 lbs to make weight.

Weather: sunny, cloudy and temps are running in the low 20's F (am) and daytime rising to 50 F.

Dinner: last night Cornish Pasties! Delish, dessert was heavy cake.

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