Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Strange Stuff Tuesday

Wow it has been almost forever since I last posted...
do I have any readers left?

Any ways can anyone guess what this is?
(besides a dead plant).

Hugo is keeping me very busy. Missed a cute photo op the other night- he got his head stuck in the cat door. So cute. (he now avoids the cat doors). Took him into the vet and he weighs about 15 lbs. And the reason for going to the vet... well I will not tell you the whole gruesome/nasty story, suffice to say that the poor pup has worms. Oddly the breeders didn't deworm the pups before giving them new homes, so unfortunately DM now has to Deworm her 2 dogs.

DH and I had a date night last Saturday night, DM watched Bumpkins. They had a lot of fun. DH and I went to dinner at a local Brewery, DH had an awesome steak sandwich and I had a pizza. Good food and relatively inexpensive. The place takes no reservations, and we went on Soldotna's Homecoming. Afterwards we went to Mykels to listen to Dave Unruh play, DH ended up playing a tune or two. And when we went to leave, DH left a business card. Yoo hoo! possible business coming our way. Danger Pig (the band) is no longer together, but DH is getting a lot more students.

Thing 2 has gotten his license, and tomorrow actual documentation from DMV. So he will be driving Thursday. No more pick up and delivery.

Big milestone: since getting Hugo (who sleeps for now in a laundry basket by my bed) Bumpkins is sleeping EVERY night in her little crib converted into a toddler bed.

Knitting: have finished hand sewing the lining into the purse and am now working on the handle/strap.

Crocheting: see above- made for the House Cup that I am enrolled in over in Ravelry. Any takers for who wants it for Christmas? Thinking that filled w/catnip and suspended from a pole or something it would be an ultimate cat toy.

strange stuff: Now what haven't I posted yet? A duct tape wallet.


Kazul said...

ok, am commenting..I rather like what I thought was a yarn salt water taffy.

the boogeyman's wife said...

i'm still here! although i haven't posted in so long myself, it's hard to tell ;)