Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Quotes

I was just thinking, if it is really religion with these nudist colonies,
they sure must turn atheists in the wintertime.
~Will Rogers
though this link will take you to winter nudist attire.
(link is rated M)

Saturday sky last Saturday...

and my dead ice field.
i dump the ice just outside the door.
(there is a few more blocks now).
have lost 2 water dishes and a bucket this year already.
another bucket is frozen deep in the ice.

Hugo relaxing in the hallway.

Tweedledum scratching Holly's back.

sometime in this next week i will be
posting images of all projects started and
finished in January.

this blog was supposed to be
updated on Sunday
but the comp crashed in the middle.

So Thing 2 doesn't live here anymore.
therefor his bedroom is in dire need
of being mucked out.
There is some serious funk odor
emanating from the room.

First step: Remove all shoes- esp. 2 pairs of wrestling shoes. Nope.
Second step: wash all laundry- 4 pillows, 2 comforters and sleeping bag. Nope.
Third step: clean mattress- wasn't the bed blue and white? now it is brown.
Steps to cleaning mattress:
first: lightly spray with vinegar and cold water mixture,
blot with paper towels.
Open window to air out room- vinegar is powerful smelly.
Second: stand up on end to dry both sides of mattress.
Third: after airing put bed back together and liberally sprinkle with baking soda.
Allow soda to sit
then vacuum.

While mattress is airing,
vacuum up debris under bed.
what is that burning smell?
oh well continue cleaning.
put bed back together and generously apply baking soda.
(did you know that with enough baking soda in the air
it can be tasted?)
now to vacuum the closet...
what is burning?
uh oh bad sound from vacuum.
black stuff underneath vacuum.
take apart... nope not the belt.
how in the world did i burn up the beater bar?
now to replace bar, 7 to 10 days shipping.
Cool. but i still have soda all over the mattress.
now what?
shop vac.
plug it in and turn it on.
aw bugger it!
whoever used it last did not remove water.
it smells like mildew.
oh well can't be to bad.
proceeded to remove soda from mattress,
then finished the room,
behind bookcases, dressers and door.
then looked down hallway.
I will just get the hay while i have this out.
oh lookie at all the black dog hair.
finally stop cleaning.
DH comes in and says:
"What is that smell? it stinks in here".
now to air out the whole house.
thankfully it is about 30 F outside.

So to get funk smell out of one room,
we went to vinegar,
burning plastic,
best one of all of those was the vinegar.
yes there were little melted bits of plastic in my carpet
they were removed w/scissors.


Knot Knitting said...

So, what have you learned from this?

Stop cleaning. Throw the mattress away.

BTW - don't try to burn the mattress. My dad did that. Turns out - they really are pretty much inflammable. But REALLY stinky.


Kazul said...

And I do NOT want any nudsit attire. that was just too scary!