Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lowbush Moose Project weekly update

Obi has been visiting the last few days.

i took him outside w/me to look
for my cell phone in the car.
whilst i was rummaging around my car
i felt a nose against my leg.
(the car port is dark)

Realize that my phone must be inside after all.
i say to obi "come on then lets go inside".
after walking out of the car port into the lighted
drive, i turn to look- cause the dog is taking awhile.
and out of the car port walks this thing
with a long grey tail and skinny white legs.
i think to my self "how did that happen?"
then quickly realize "wait it is a cat!"
obi was right behind the kitty.
so i bring the kitten inside
to look it over.
soon realize that it is extremely hungry,
and not very old.
somebody dumped the thing and it made it over here.

then realize no wonder the rooster was cackling at 6 pm.
it must have been over by the garden and set the animals off.

so since no body has come looking for it and
nobody has called to say they want it.
i have to drop it off at the shelter in the am.

(here it moved)

and now a better shot w/flash.
all other critters are doing well.
the temps have been warm in the 20's F.
we are getting about 4 eggs a day.
with a light for 14 hrs a day.
houdini keeps dropping eggs onto the floor at night.
think she is having trouble- as her eggs
are the size of a duck egg.
(she is a smaller bird)

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