Friday, July 31, 2009

catch up

I got more chickens....
they were transported home via this means.
there are 10 adult birds in those boxes.

these 3 layers were in one box.
This S.O.G.
(center bird).
he was ok eating.

Meet B.A.R.
(Bad Attitude Rooster).
we are using him to train Hugo.
We are now averaging about 6 eggs a day.
sadly i go on an egg hunt every day.
and Lady B.A.R.'s eggs
are nowhere to be found.
might be because she is
freerange and has access to almost an acre.

this was in our driveway.
yes it is an ice cream truck.
so exciting.

Tot loves her pony rides.
(4th of July)

the weirdest things were at the parade.
(4th of July)

the geese 2 weeks ago.

And the geese now.
almost lost one of the geese yesterday.
it got caught in some net.
and was choking.
very nice geese.

we have had an exceptional summer.
very sunny.
a typical day was 70 F.
it has been raining for almost a week now.
but still some nice moments in there.
like Monday was 58F and raining on my way to work at 8:30.
after work at 330 it was 73 F and sunny.
(very muggy and humid though).


Kazul said...

Yeah! pix of the birds!!!! Very awesome! (did you see romeo on mine?)

Lynn said...

Do you guys ever hit 80?

Jane said...

Congratulations on your new chicks!